In an emergency, medical information contained in your ER-Quik kit may save your life.  Communicate critical information to doctors and emergency room staff quickly and accurately even when you are physically unable to do so.  ER-Quik, a simple workbook in a bag, assists you in documenting your personal medical history that is then ready to be easily transported in any medical emergency.

With the ER-Quik kit you receive a medical history booklet, magnet, and pen – all in a heavy zippered bag.

ER-Quik Kit Contains:

Booklet: Easy to read with medical history information forms to complete that were developed by a practicing Emergency Room Physician.  Explanations of requested information and simple instructions for completing the forms are included.  ER-Quik includes a release of medical information form as well as explanations of Advance Directives, POLST, and Power of Attorney for Health Care.

Magnet: A refrigerator magnet alerts paramedics that you have medical information in your ER-Quik bag.

Tote Bag: This sturdy canvas red zippered bag distinct with one section for your medical information booklet and copies of previous medical records, and a second section that can be used to hold your prescription bottles, pharmacy medication records, and personal items.  Take the bag with you in your car or place it in your suitcase when you travel.

Purchase the ER-Quik Kit: $24.95

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